Home Products Basketware
Importers and suppliers of the finest basketware

Home Products Basketware's aim has always been  to trade constructively with our factory in  Tancheng, China to ensure that both parties share  the benefit of trade. As Home Products Basketware has grown in size, they have been careful to retain their core values. Each year the  company travels out many times to China to work with our manufacturing arm in the design and production of the latest products. The workers involved in the production of all our basket products are highly skilled artisans who enjoy higher wages than realistic average local expectations. Men and women are paid the same rate for the same job and no Child labour is used. Home Products policy is to pay our factory on time, in fact payments are usually made in advance, so that raw materials may be purchased without them getting into debt and therefore paying their workers on time. The company's aim remains steadfast that all workers, of affiliated organisations, should be afforded the greatest standard of respect and working environments.

16 - 18, Water Lane, Cromford, Derbyshire, DE4 3QH.         Tel: 01629 822412          sales@homeproductsbasketware.co.uk