Home Products Basketware and Wei Willow Co. Ltd.

Tim Gilman and Ya Li Wei (Partners)

Jinsheng Wei
General Manager

Jisheng Wei

Production Manager
Due to the fact the partners of Home Products Basketware own both companies it will increasingly give us advantages over other importers, as follows:
1. Special bargains introduced into our range throughout the year.
2. Increasingly competitive prices across our range.
3. Low minimum quantity for baskets made to customers designs.
4. Highly competitive quotes on large orders direct from our factory.
5. Very few price increases for this year.

Our aim remains the same: To offer the best quality and value for money available.

Zhou Cheng Duo

Designer/ Quality Control
16 - 18, Water Lane, Cromford, Derbyshire, DE4 3QH.        Tel: 01629 822412          sales@homeproductsbasketware.co.uk